Posters for the Royal Youth Theatre of Antwerp


I designed posters for the Royal Youth Theatre of Antwerp from 1989 till 1991.

Since the budget for printing was very small, I often did a part of the preparation for offset printing myself (making parts of the transparancies), and usually only two PMS colours could be used.

In 1982 and 1986 again, three posters were selected in the International Biennial of Posters in Brno (former Czechoslovakia).


Weekly Posters for television-newsreel Panorama


Panorama is a weekly newsreel on Belgian Flemish television. Usually two topics are shown in depth, each about half an hour. The viewers can respond by mail. In order to have a visual reminder, the makers contacted me to design small posters that hung (by means of  "blue-key") next to the journalist while he introduced the topic. The deadline was usually two to three days for two topics.


I designed them from 1980 till 1991, resulting in over six hundred posters of size 10 x 15 and later
10 x 19,5 cm. They are all made by hand, since at that time computer work was still non-existent.
They have been shown in several exhibitions and  a selection was edited in a book called "Panorama Drawn" in 1991.