The art of seeing: Perceiving and drawing the visual periphery


A BOF-research project in the arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp,
in collaboration with Erik Myin (UA) and Bilge Sayim (KU Leuven)


Visual perception outside the centre of the gaze, i.e., the periphery, is of major interest for artists,
philosophers and scientists, not least because the periphery covers over 90% of our visual field.
Here, we will investigate peripheral vision from all three perspectives by having artists draw
what they see in the periphery using gaze contingent presentations.
The resulting images will be analysed in regard to the phenomenology of peripheral vision.



Experimental Psychology



Bilge Sayim



Onderzoek Academie



Since 2016 affiliated member of Psychophysics of Appearance Laboratory, University of Bern, Switzerland







Exhibition and poster presentation at the Visual Science and Art Conference in Belgrado, 23 & 24 August 2014








students work, fixating on a central point


Presentation at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Symposium ‘Ways of Seeing’, February 2015

Poster presentation

Presentation at the AIC conference in Tokyo, 19-22 May 2015


Presentation at the VSAC conference in Liverpool, August 2015



Presentation at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Symposium ‘Ways of Seeing II
Approaching Vision’ March 2016

Conferentie Light and Color in Nature Granada, June 2016


Presentation in VSAC Barcelona, August 2016